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candice was there for me at any moment

When I first came to Candice I had just moved from Toronto to LA to pursue my dreams. I was overwhelmed with instability and out of my comfort zone in a big way. However, amidst this new found chaos, I felt like I really needed to dig deep and face what had been holding me back, in particular a traumatic childhood experience that had been preventing me from moving forward for way too many years.  I was emotional and confused yet knew a lot of my ups and downs stemmed from this time. I knew I needed to heal myself on a deeper level and understand that I was worthy of my wants and goals and hoped working with Candice would help facilitate that.  

Candice helped me truly
believe in myself

Candice helped me truly believe in myself concerning overcoming social anxiety and with starting my new business. She continued to push for my own self belief so I could feel amazing in my own skin. Her words were full of female empowerment, earnest encouragement and unwavering wisdom. I would whole heartedly suggest her life coaching services to any woman wallowing in self doubt or needing a restart. She's a glowing goddess inside and out!

Alli Knoth, Guaranteed Giddy


All my life my biggest fear has always been failure.... That I would set myself up for something that couldn't be accomplished or that I didn’t deserve, so going into this experience was a struggle at first because I feared I would fail. My time with Candice was the complete opposite of failure and she did everything in her power to make me feel comfortable throughout. Even though parts of the experience were challenging and felt like I wasn’t moving forward in the way I should be; when we reflected back I was able to see I had accomplished ALL OF MY GOALS, even ones I didn't know I was reaching. The one goal I really didn’t expect to achieve was falling in love with myself. Realizing that I am worthy and that I am a great person no matter size or looks. To appreciate myself and who I am in the present moment and stop feeling like I always have to fix myself. 

My favourite part of working with Candice was having the accountability; with the lifestyle I live the most challenging part is often just remembering what really matters. So having that extra support system was a game changer for me and I believe the difference that allowed me to have the success I achieved.

Candice was there for me at any moment just to check in and keep encouraging me and I appreciated that so much. She is truly a light worker with a powerful instinct to help others and I deeply believe any woman would benefit from having her in their life. Whether you seek a healthier lifestyle on a physical or emotional level her coaching will surely serve you.

Leah Jones, Actress


Candice was just the guiding goddess I needed on my journey (and continuing travels) to self-reflection and positivity.  I first started my path with Candice believing a life coach would simply tell me how to run my life… this was the furthest from my experience.  Candice had the incredible ability to help me better set goals, create positive changes and embrace a healthy future all on my own terms.  Candice is an incredible light and has a way of inspiring and motivating others through not just her own transformation and dedication to health but her ruthless pursuit to living life whole heartedly and with passion.  

During our bi-weekly sessions I would create short-term goals (most of which I hardly expected I would be able to accomplish) however through her motivation, guidance and genuine belief in me as a woman I not only overcame some difficult life experiences, I am now thriving in the areas of career, health & wellness and relationships.  Candice has truly made a beautiful impact on my life and I feel so blessed to have had an opportunity to go for my own Goddess with her as a mentor and coach. I plan to continue my work with Candice as needed as I can not imagine a life without the support she offers.

Meghan Liske, 27, Sales & Public Relations


Working with Candice was a wonderful process of growth and self-discovery. She made me feel unconditionally safe and supported, yet challenged me when I needed it. I have learned that I deserve to be much more kind and accepting to myself and in doing so have been able to accomplish so much more than when I was struggling with perfectionism! The best part about working with Candice was that I could be completely honest with her, and not feel judged or analyzed. She met me where I was and worked with me to create an individualized plan that worked for a busy woman like myself. She truly is a genuine soul who inspired me with her wisdom and kindness to keep pushing towards my goals. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a strong, confident woman to connect with and to uplift your spirit while integrating healthy habits in a way that best fits you as an individual.

Beki Nielson, Elementary School Teacher


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