Goddess Musings: Give yourself permission to have fun

Recently I have been saying something to my daughter that's got me thinking. 

Every morning we go down into her room, we pick out an outfit and we get on the floor to play. She loves when I ask her questions and repeat them over and over so I say to her.

"Vivi, what are we going to do today? What are we going to do?" after she gives me a massive signature Vivienne smile. I say "that's right babe, we are going to play.......and learn.......... and have fun!" 

"what do we do Vivi?"

"We play, we learn and we have fun."

After saying it for a few days it hit me. When did I stop playing and learning for fun? When did I stop seeing the world this way? Maybe learning and having fun was the key to the success I truly was after. 

You see when I met James I had just became a realtor and was eager to finally make something of myself. That all changed after I made the decision to move to the US and be with my dreamy future hubs - leaving my real estate career in Canada.

Then when I found out I was pregnant with Viv I had just launched my life coaching program, GFG, and thought okay this time I am finally on the verge of something big! But things changed with pregnancy and now motherhood.

Each time I was on the verge of success and then I missed it, I would get so down on myself and would feel this sense of failure.

Now here I am three months post pardum and again trying to find my way to success. It has been stressful and I don't totally have the time but this version of success I have in my mind keeps haunting me to the point of dizziness. I keep feeling like I can't have fun or be happy until I find success and everything I have done up until this point is worth nothing if I do not launch some crazy successful career. All those past 'attempts and failures' linger like weights on my chest and make me completely disregard everything I have learned.


Can I not just enjoy the ride?


 You see so many times when I don't get the result I imagined I automatically deem the situation as a failure. 

When did I stop having fun?

Why can't I look through the lens of a child and enjoy playful learning?

Becoming an adult often involves focusing your priorities towards achievements and accolades, letters after your name and titles. Crazy enough also bringing you further and further away from what you wanted in the first place: to be happy.

If life is a game that is meant to be played and there is no exact destination we better enjoy the ride, right?. Otherwise we might find ourselves depressed, anxious, moody or lost


When we could be playing, learning and having fun!


This new motto for Viv and now me is incredibly liberating because whether it lead me to where I thought it would or not I learned a lot that is for sure and if I can just drop the need to achieve and have more fun with it all then I am living life the way it was meant to be lived. 

I hope this can be a reminder to all of the mamas out there feeling lost, feeling like they need to do more, feeling stressed. 

Give yourself permission to enjoy this wild ride of life and tell yourself.

"we play, we learn and we have fun" and that is ENOUGH. If you're anything like me it will ignite a smile on your face and lightness in your step on this wonderful journey of not only motherhood but life in general. 


Love, Candice