The easiest way to get that post baby body you have been dreaming of Pt. 2

So last week I shared with you why the easiest way to get your body back after a baby is to


shift your thinking around food.


I gave you 5 reasons to cultivate a healthier lifestyle that have nothing to do with your weight because you and I both know we need way more motivation than that!

 Today I want to follow up with the next 5 reasons and hopefully have you looking at food as much more of a tool for gaining rather than losing. So here are 5 more benefits of a healthy diet that are not losing weight. 



6. Digestion: Digestion is the keystone to health if you ask me. If you have problems with digestion you won't be absorbing the nutrients you need and will be missing out on all the benefits of a healthy gut. Simple swaps like adding more fiber, water and probiotics to your diet will boost your overall health and wellbeing.


7. Relationships: The way you feel about yourself shows up in your relationships in a big way. If you are healthy and energized it is going to allow you to show up fully, be present and shine your beautiful light into the worlds of those around you all while being a healthy example to your family.


8. Clear vision for your future: clarity of mind is one of the most powerful benefits I experience when I eat well. I am no longer clouded by the ups and downs of my mood and energy but I am aligned with my bigger vision rather than on a constant cycle of falling off the wagon followed by rigid days chasing perfection. What you choose to fuel your dreams with is so important and making the decision to eat well tells yourself that your future is important.


9. Outlook: If we make the empowered decision to choose a balanced, nutritious lifestyle that send the message that we are choosing positivity and health for ourselves. There is a momentum of positivity that begins to form when you make healthy decisions for yourself and your family and this momentum is exactly what begins to make these decisions easier and easier as well.


10. Self-confidence: girl when you look good you feel good and when you feel good you look good! There is no more sure fire way to exude self-confidence then to fill your body with healthy, delicious and beautiful foods from the earth. It is not about weight it is about self love and when you do things out of love that tells your body that you are amazing, worth it and a down right goddess. Making the decision to love yourself via nutrition will have you radiating and shining.


There is a freedom that comes with shifting your reasons for eating healthy away from losing and more towards gaining.


You are sending signals to yourself that you are worth it and that you have a beautiful future you want to be a part of.. Now that is motivating. If you like this idea I would love to hear from you. How would shifting your perception of food change your relationship with your body? 


Love, Candice