The easiest way to get that post baby body you've been dreaming of Pt. 1

So you just had a baby and you’re on a non-stop mission to lose the baby weight .



As new moms it’s easy to get caught up in desperately wanting our bodies back post pregnancy. And I get it.

We have had to surrender our bodies for the sake of this magical human we have created and then when they come out and the magic of pregnancy is over we realize we want that part of ourselves back…….like RIGHT NOW.


What ended up being a total game changer for me


was changing the way I looked at food.



Looking to food as this powerful tool instead of reward or punishment will completely change your mindset. You see nutrition can unlock the greatest good in your life, far beyond weight and it is actually pretty magical.


Full disclosure, in the past I too was a victim of the societal obsession with weight loss and being skinny. Suffering as many women do with unhealthy eating and beating myself up around food. I mean it makes sense we fall into obsessing over this thing that is constantly put in our face as the source of: happiness, friends, relationships, beauty and success. There is never a shortage of new diets and magic pills to make you lose weight, lose inches, drop sizes etc.


But what if food was about so much more than losing and was actually about gaining?




Gaining self-confidence, a positive outlook, better digestion, amazing skin and sleep,  more energy, balanced hormones, more money, and gaining a better vision of your future.


That's what I want to talk to you about today. The many (and might I say way more interesting)  reasons to eat healthy aside from your weight. I mean I completely relate to wanting to look gorgeous in our bikinis, fit into our skinny jeans and just like what we see in the mirror but the GOOD news is there is so much more to it than that. The ten reasons I am about to share with you in this two part post are the exact motivation that keep me on track when it comes to eating a healthy diet and guess what? - if you make healthy eating a part of your lifestyle I can guarantee you will find the weight that is right for you and your body and one that makes you feel confident and beautiful <3


Here are my ten reasons for mamas to eat healthy that have nothing to do with weight:


1. Energy: I am guessing you need it? What you feed your body is directly correlated with energy. Think of your body like a vehicle and the food you eat is the type of fuel - if you put lamborghini fuel in your body you are going to be burning hot if you put old clunker fuel in your body- well you get it.


2. Sleep: When you eat clean you give your body a chance truly get some rest; this is because you  allow your body to focus on rest and repair instead of digestion. The better the sleep you get the better you will feel and the better mama you will be, you will keep up with the babes, get things done around the house, tackle your to do list and keep charging away.


3. Hormones: As mamas we are all too familiar with these babies and have seen first hand the power they can have over our entire beings - am I right ladies? Like woah - getting these things balanced out is something that can really help us feel great, look great and get back to your new normal. According to mind body green whatever you are eating is either helping hormonal balance or creating unpredictable imbalances. I know for me the last thing I need right now is any more unpredictability, sign me up for balance instead please.


4. Skin: filling your plate with the right stuff can be a game changer for your skin. Too much processed and simple carbs can cause such things as premature aging, acne and loss of collagen. You will truly get a brighter glow if you eat a healthy, balanced diet.. Foods rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants as well as healthy fats will keep you glowing and prevent aging even as a sleep deprived mama.


5. Money: The next time you are standing at the grocery store debating between paying extra for organic produce or buying a frozen pizza and calling it a day just remember maintaining your health is so.much.cheaper than treating an illness. Think of eating healthy as a major investment into your future and for the financial stability of your family.


Stay tuned next week for Pt.2 of The easiest way to get that post baby, goddess body you've been dreaming of with the next 5 motivational reasons to eat healthy. 


Love, Candice