Take push ups to the next level for a total body workout you can do anywhere!!

With all the new age workouts these days it can be easy to forget the tried and true old school moves that started it all. Take push ups for example, I mean I have to imagine they are one of the oldest moves in the book but they can still be trusted to kick your entire body into shape and the best part….. they can be done anytime, anywhere. No fancy equipment and no gym required. Since I love the push up so much I wanted to share some simple variations that will amp up the results, increase the burn and give you some new found respect for this old school move.

I figured it would be fun to do a little progressive challenge so you can see how you improve in strength and hopefully see results in your body. Let me know how you do!! I will be doing this along with you.

Prepare to feel the burn!

Week 1: Do 5 reps of each move twice a week

Week 2: Do 5 reps of each move and repeat 2X twice a week

Week 3: Do 7 reps of each move and repeat 2X twice a week

Week 4: Do 10 reps of each move!!

So here are the moves


Classic Push Up: Hands under shoulders with a flat back, tail bone tucked under and head in line with shoulders. Feel free to do the pushups from your knees until you build up strength or raise up on your toes keeping legs firm.You want to be flat all the way from your head down to your feet. Feel how your entire body is doing work in this move. Toning your arms, your core and all the way down your legs!!


Tricep Pushup: Your body stays the same in this variation except you are going to keep your arms tight up against your ribs as you lower down. Still having arms directly under your shoulders. This is going to create mega burn I promise but not as much as the next move…..


Triangle Pushup: This move is so killer I could barely do 3 when I first started!! The only good news is feeling that much pain can only mean one thing: Results. I had to go from my knees for the first few days so if it is hard don’t sweat it just keep going till you gain that strength.The body again remains flat as a board creating one long line from your feet to your head, tucking that tail bone up and under. With the hands this time they won’t be under your shoulders. You want to create a triangle with the hands, touching your thumbs and pointer fingers together. While lowering down the elbows will come out away from the body.

Well-BeingCandice Bethell