Stay fit while staying social! Quick tips for slashing calories at a restaurant.

This is an old post from my first blog but I wanted all you beauties to have it so here she is! 


With the holidays upon us and the New Year fast approaching I figured this was the perfect time to share some of the ways I attempt to “behave” while eating out at restaurants. (I like to think I have some extra secrets and tips having worked in the restaurant industry for many years and having to fandangle my meals on the fly on a regular basis) I aim to help my clients create a lifestyle that is balanced and incorporates a healthy social life, my goals are always based upon balance and I think we all need to enjoy life, including those fun nights out with the girls or date night. It should be noted this list is completely random and in no particular order……take it and make it your own to fit the diet and lifestyle you are in at the moment and please keep in mind that it is totally okay to splurge and blow off your diet every once in a while.


We all can’t be perfect we can only try to have a balance that works for us.


  • Have your server split your meal and pack up half before they bring it to the table.
  • If there isn’t anything on the menu that seems up to par in terms of sticking to your diet ask your server about creating a meal out of sides. For example a side of chicken or fish and have it grilled with veggies, a salad or small cup of broth based soup or rice.
  • Request your dish to be grilled.
  • Mention to your server that you would like no bread brought to your table because once it is there, if you are anything like me, it will be gone before you know it…..I am a total bread addict and have to control my self lol
  • If you go out to eat sushi you can easily take off half of the rice or more from your rolls making it much more low carb, just use your chopsticks to lightly peel it off.
  • Split your meal with your friend or husband.
  • Ask your server for half the dressing on your salad. Most places have a measure that they use per salad so by asking for half you know that you cut your calories in half. I find if you get dress on the side you actually use even more because you unintentionally over dip.
  • Request no skin on your chicken
  • Most restaurant salads have more calories than a burger!! It is best to stick with a portion of protein and some side veggies and rice.
  • I recommend drinking sparkling water with lime or perhaps a splash of cranberry. If you must drink opt for a white wine spritzer, vodka soda, a glass of red wine or perhaps a vodka or gin martini and keep it to one or two max. Personally it isn’t the calories I am most concerned with but the fact I get so hungover now that I am more prone to skip my morning workout.
  • When it comes to breakfast or brunch always ask for dry toast and order a side of avocado if you would like some form of spread for your bread.
  • Eat slowly and put down your fork between bites. I am guilty of this one. I can eat way too fast sometimes and I am working hard to slow it down because I want to enjoy my food more and listen to my body better.
  • Another idea instead of halving an entree is to order an appetizer as your meal.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask your server what they eat when they are trying to be healthy……I can guarantee they have found their very own way of mixing and matching what is available to create a balanced dish.
  • Check out the menu online before you go so you can formulate a plan beforehand. That way you won’t get caught up in the moment and make a decision you may regret later.
  • Have a little snack before you go. An apple, yogurt, piece of cheese, veggies and hummus whatever works for you that takes the edge off while ordering.
  • Before you eat take a minute and review your goals. Ask yourself why you take your nutrition so seriously and what is the big picture. If you step out of the moment and check in to your priorities you will find you have a lot more self control and you will feel so good about making yourself a priority.


When you first start a new meal plan and so called “diet” it can feel like torture to cut out the foods you once loved but I promise you as you work on yourself and begin to see results not only physically but mentally as well, it won’t feel like a challenge anymore it really will start coming naturally. You can cut out the cravings, start enjoying healthy and nutritious meals and see the transformations happening within. I am so excited to hear about how you all do in the next little while and would love to hear any additional tips and tricks of your own as I am always on the hunt for new ideas.


Big love,

Candice Martina XO

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