Hey beautiful

I’m Candice, founder of Going for Goddess, a health & lifestyle blog for autoimmune warriors and health conscious mamas.

I’ll be honest, when I started this blog three years ago I thought I had ‘wellness’ all figured out - I was a trained health coach, a size zero and I could crush front row of a soul cycle class after all? It wasn’t until my autoimmune diagnoses that I realized being healthy is a complex dance between mind, body and spirit and I had work to do in two out of three categories.

healing is an art. it takes time. it takes practice. it takes love.

Now I am creating a space that first and foremost prioritizes stress management and mental wellbeing while sharing everything I know about nutrition, body love and functional medicine. I share my journey with autoimmune and advocate for the ability to heal in a world where so many people will tell you that you can’t.

Thank you for being part of the tribe that keeps me going for goddess - I couldn’t do it without you <3

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Taking a stand For Women everywhere.