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My name is Candice Martina and I believe that inside every woman is a beautiful, capable Goddess with a purpose. A powerful woman that has something unique and special to offer the world and the best way to truly shine that light is by first taking care of body, mind and spirit. 

I have dedicated many years to create healing & transformation within my own life and in doing so gathered tools and resources that have not only allowed my own Goddess magic to shine but have awakened me to my life purpose. Along with my passion for nutrition and wellness; I discovered the Goddess in me has a deep calling and a powerful mission to support and inspire other women in creating transformations for themselves. 


as a health coach & blogger i am passionate about helping you move towards the best version of yourself. while awakening you to the healing power of self-care, self-love and nutrition along the journey. 



Nourish your goddess



live beautifully



The goddess Guide 

The official 'Going For Goddess' E-book will be coming very soon!!! Giving a detailed process for you to go from 'Girl to Goddess' and completely transform your lives. Sign up for my newsletter below to get exclusive access to this labour of love and a special discounted price as well!! 


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